A kid-free wedding? Your guide to HELL NO!

Some couples wonder if they should have a child-free wedding photography or not. While that will guarantee a scream-free ceremony, it also means that you'll miss out on some wonderful, wonderful photos. 

From a wedding photography point of view, kids are fabulous to take photos of. They are so natural and spontaneous.

Here are some tips on how to make sure you'll get great wedding photos with kids in, and keep them entertained so the adults can have a ball.

1. Hire a babysitter - not a niece or friend's teenager - a proper, professional babysitter who you can boss around on the day! Make sure the kids feel comfortable with the babysitter - have someone you trust be responsible for introducing them well before the ceremony starts.

2. During the ceremony, give the kids a job to do. It'll make them feel very important and they'll be more likely to behave. Things like handing out programmes, putting petals down the isle, organising the 'kids area' etc. work well.

3. Have a 'kids area' outside with toys and games. Have games that are physical (for the kids who need to let off steam), plus an art space etc. for creative kids.

4. Having something like bubbles on the go makes for great photos. Or hula hoops, kites, an art mural - things like that - work well too. I know lolly scrambles are not PC, but they make for great photos! Just choose sugar free ones! It's hard to have a broccoli scramble.

5. If you want something really special to happen for the kids, hire a storyteller or puppeteer.

6. Have kids tables at the reception with activities on. They'll love having their own space. Again, the babysitter can organise kids meals etc.

Or talk to me and I'll help you come up with some cool ideas (I'm actually a wedding photographer in disguise!)

Leon & Kristy's wedding is one of my favourites because the kids were awesome.