Wairarapa wedding photography - how pointy shoes bought me back down to earth

Sometimes we need a bit of a reminder to get over ourselves!

I was shooting a wedding for the lovely Ken and Jill. They'd chosen Featherston as their place to get married - Cobblestones for the ceremony and The White Swan for their reception.

I was in the church, waiting for Jill to arrive. Her two sons were giving her away. They were outside the church door, waiting patiently for their Mum. They were very cool, cute and gorgeously supportive of their Mum.

I was nervous - as always - but felt confident. I knew I was in the right spot and that I'd taken some good photos already.

There's a moment in every wedding for me that reminds me to be real, relaxed and forget the chatter in my head. This is what the chatter says...Oh god Janie, what are you doing here,  you need to get this photo, that photo, what's the time, don't forget their name, stand over there, maybe I should go outside again, no, stay here, shit, go out, arrgghhhhh...

Then I saw these little toes poking out. Snap. Relax. Get over yourself. Breathe. Be open.

Other photos from Jill & Ken's wedding.