A typical wedding photography schedule

Here's a typical schedule for a wedding photographer. But really, why stick to this? Your guests have been to soooo many weddings. Why not surprise them?

12.00pm - Bride getting ready, individual bride & family photos when ready
1.00pm - Travel to ceremony
1.30pm - Photos of groom + groomsmen, candid’s of guests arriving
2.00pm - Ceremony
2.30pm - Mingling
2.45pm - Group photo
2.55pm - Family shots
3.15pm - Wedding party photos at ceremony venue
3.30pm - Wedding party (or just bride & groom) travel to lovely location
3.50pm - Photos at lovely location
4.45pm - Travel to reception venue
5.00pm - Wedding party announced in, candids of guests
5.45pm - First speeches
6.00pm - Wedding photographer leaves

This means you'll be away from your guests for about 1.5 hours. I think that's about the most you'd want. Of course, if your reception venue is the same as your ceremony venue - great - you'll only need an hour away.

This schedule is fairly tight and there's no room for slacking! It's up to your wedding photographer to keep their eye on the schedule and (gently) tell you when it's time to move onto the next phase. If they're doing their job right, you'll feel like all you need to do is have fun and look stunning without any anxiety about whether there'll be time to do everything.

I'm great at this - it's a bit of an art. Contact me now and lets get together (no strings) and we can chat.