Hate having your photo taken? Here's how to change that!

One of the first things I'm often told is, "I hate having my photo taken". This can be a huge mental block when you're about to get your wedding photos done! You'll be the centre of attention, feel like you have to smile and be something you're not...but not with me.

The only reason you hate having your photo taken is because you are not relaxed. There may also be some lurking historical reason (forced to smile as a kid, pretended to be happy a lot, think you're ugly) but really, you hate it mainly because you don't relax.

That's my job. I think the job description for a wedding photographer is quite long. It includes family counsellor, artists, space architect, project manager, clairvoyant, saint and oh yes, photography! But I see one of my main roles is to make you feel relaxed so you'll love your photos after.

The trick is to make you feel like I'm not there and that there isn't a big camera being shoved in your face. For the bride and groom photos, I use a long lens so I don't need to be too close. I'll get you talking and laughing, and sharing some lovely time together. It's the first time you've taken a real breathe since the ceremony and it's quite a magic time. Even if you're not mushy people and you aren't comfortable with saying the "L" word, it can be a lovely time to do all this in your own unique way.

The other thing I do is convince you to be yourself. Maybe couples lust after wedding photos online that took ages to create and the couples may look in love, but really their neck is sore and he's intensely uncomfortable on the inside.

Also, you may feel like it's all about you, but it's not! There are other people in the photo and you just blend in. I'm looking for a perfect scene that includes landscape, sun, the way people are naturally standing, and most importantly, what's going on inside.

You can feel love in a photo. It's not in a smile or a hand-hold - it's from your heart. And even if you've never told her or him that you love them, I'll feel it and it will come across in your photos. I'll pretend to not to be shooting, or I'll be so far away you won't care, or you'll be laughing at something she or he said, or you'll just be so bloody happy you let it slip out! Or perhaps it's that first beer or glass of bubbles...

There's no such thing as unphotogenic people. There are only people who have never met me yet!

I promise you it'll be fun. Contact me and let's chat.