How to schedule your wedding day without the stress

1. Involve your wedding photographer early. We're experts in scheduling your day so all you need to do is look stunning and be in love. Let US check the clock every five minutes - we'll let you know (gently) that it's time to leave for the isle, or the formal photos, or the group photo after the ceremony. If we've organised it with you before hand, we'll be able to be in charge. You can trust us.

2. Allow more time than you think. The biggest key to looking stunning is to be relaxed - beauty from the inside out and all that. So take the rush out of the day and allow heaps of time. A good wedding photographer will help schedule your day so that it's a breeze.

3. Decide on a rough schedule for the ceremony, photos and reception, then sit down with your wedding photographer and they'll help you fine tune it. Just because you think it's a fab idea to have five photo venues, they may have a different idea! It depends on how long you want to be away from guests and the distance between venues. Keeping it simple is a good rule. Wedding photography is about organising the hell out of a day, then responding on the day to whatever happens. Really, nothing does go wrong - and if it does, there'll be some good photos of it!

4. Again, trust us. You're paying us to make sure the day runs smoothly as well as create stunning images of beautiful moments. Even if you are a control freak, a good wedding photographer will be your new best friend. You'll have oodles of time to smooch and cuddle, if you schedule the day right (with your wedding photographer!)

You don't need to be the world's best organiser. Because we are.

Contact me now and put your faith in me - I haven't screwed up yet!