Please make me look like a super model on my wedding day

Really? But they're anorexic and miserable! You have got this far in life by being yourself. Why stop now? Repeat after me...On my wedding day I will look stunningly beautiful because I will be so happy that I've found a man who loves me for myself...

That is what I will capture on your wedding day. You, as you are (with gorgeous hair and make-up of course). You and your man or woman will be relaxed as I take photos as you're enjoying each other, being excited about the day, and sharing what is on the inside.

You will also look the most beautiful because I will make you feel sooooo relaxed that you'll hardly notice my camera. Most of the time you'll be smooching or walking through a stunning garden or beach or special place, and I'll be just eaves dropping.

But if you do want some tips, here they are:

  1. Take some lipstick with you on the photo shop (job number 456,422 for your Maid of Honour, best friend or sister).
  2. Don't worry about what is your good side, or how your nose looks, or whether you're taller than him...worrying and tensing up makes for icky photos. You can share you neurotic thoughts about yourself with me before the wedding day and it will be my job to help you overcome them on the day!
  3. Taking some Rescue Remedy.
  4. Let's not choose too many locations. If you rush, I rush, photos rush and it'll look RUSHED. Let's breathe, calm down, be in the moment, and make time stretch. Your photos will thank you. This doesn't mean spending oodles of time away from your guests - an hour is max and depending on location, 45 minutes is fine.
  5. Trust me. I will let you know if you have chocolate sauce on your face or your hair looks like a Wellington southerly. All you have to do is be yourself and love the person you've just married.
  6. When you've been together for ten years and it's your anniversary, and you've just had a big fight, and you look at your wedding photos, you don't want to say to yourself, "Who the hell is that person?" You want to say, "Look how being together made me look".
  7. If all this fails and you still want to look like a supermodel, there's always Photoshop! Kidding. But I can soften images after and make your skin look like you've spent a week in a beauty spa. But there will be no need because...repeat after me....I'm going to look so beautiful because I'm going to be so happy and relaxed.

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