About me

I forgot to photoshop my wrinkles. oh well. this is me.

I don't really understand life - it's way too complicated! All I know is that the only way I feel happiness, is in the little moments. I see beauty in nature and in feeling things - both of which I find in photography. Maybe that's why I try to capture it.

I am a professional wedding photographer. I am lucky enough to do just enough but not too many weddings, so I can stay inspired and generous and creative.

In my spare time I am writing, sailing, running, playing sticks with my doggie, or outside enjoying nature.

Being asked to take photos at someones wedding is an absolute pleasure. It's a huge responsibility and one that I take very seriously. Making people feel relaxed and happy on the day, knowing they can trust me, is something I've worked very hard for.

I look forward to meeting you both and discussing how we can make your wedding day and photos relaxed and really special. I will encourage you to organise a wedding that represents who you are. You don't have to do anything that's been done before - be yourselves and surprise your guests with something different! Please read my testimonials to hear the lovely things people say about me. Shucks.

What kinds of photos do I take?

You know when you're out somewhere and someone shoves a camera in your face, and you turn to the camera and give your 'camera smile'? For most people, that's all they are comfortable doing. But with me, I will get you both incredibly relaxed. You will be able to be yourselves, without any posing, and that's where magic photos live. You'll look back at the photos in a few years and say to yourselves, "Damn we're good together!"